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XTB Sailor's Blade

When nothing less than high performance and precision is acceptable, reach for your Victory Knives - XTB Sailor's Blade.

This lightweight blade is corrosion free, boasts extreme strength and is ultra sharp.

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The XTB Sailor's Blade is just that – made from titanium its extreme strength-to-weight ratio surprises everyone that holds it.

At 31g it is seriously light. The blade has a corrosion resistance unobtainable with even the most advanced stainless steels – stainless steel will eventually rust, titanium wont. The edge is serrated with an ultra-aggressive profile - designed for tearing through the toughest of modern ropes.

Design & Manufacture

Victory Knives developed the Ultimate Rope Blade using cutting edge design and advanced manufacturing capability in Tauranga, New Zealand.

It is a global first, using laser sintering 3D printing technology and proprietary hardening process. There is no titanium waste in the manufacturing process.


Lightweight knife
Lightweight sheath
Combined weight


Powdered titanium 6AI-4V
Coating: PVD hard ceramic
Hardness: Average Rockwell near surface hardness typically HRC 60

Blade Dimensions

Tapered and Fully serrated


Combined Dimensions


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Lifetime Guarantee

We promise to replace your blade or give you your money back.

Emirates Team New Zealand

The XTB Sailor's Blade was developed for Emirates Team New Zealand's use in the 2013 America's Cup campaign.

Worn on the wetsuit thigh pocket and vest as a safety requirement, it was the team’s emergency knife for cutting away ropes during the world's ultimate yachting series.

Pricing & Ordering

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About Victory Knives

Victory Knives is New Zealand’s leading designer and manufacturer of commercial knives for the meat and fish processing industries in Australasia.

We understand how to make knives fit for purpose. In 1927 innovator, Edward Goddard, a master cutler from Sheffield, England, emigrated to New Zealand and began designing and manufacturing knives in 1927. The company was a major supplier of combat knives for the U.S. Army in World War II.Whether for sports, industry or in the home, Victory Knives have a reputation for unsurpassed quality, being superbly designed for the job, and with a little care, can last a lifetime.

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